Fatherhood & Art: Post 1

Father & Son #4

Fatherhood has changed my work (and is in the process of changing my work) in so many ways.
Here is the first in an ongoing series of posts investigating the ups and downs of art-making in the context of family.


  1. Stephen,

    I got teh mailer for your upcoming show at Panopticon Gallery today and I am pleased to see you continuing to develop this body of work. I like the odd formality of the photographs, undercut by the merest whiff of satire; sort of "Magritte meets Ralph Eugene Meatyard." I remain a fan.

    1. Thank you Buzz! I have been consistently making art, but am just now finding the ability to get out of my own way and live in the joy of making the work. (having young children and the necessity of a paycheck made me a little too serious for a few years there). I am so happy to be in much-too-sparse but continued contact with you. I follow your comings and goings as much as I can an am inspired by you constantly. Cheers!