Selections from the Charles Street Jail Series

Charles Street Jail #4

Charles Street Jail #2

Charles Street Jail #1

These images are from a series taken in the former Charles Street Jail in Boston, literally the day before the demo crew arrived to gut the building in preparation to turn it into a five stare hotel.  I was able to spend hours in and around the defunct offices, cells and common areas.  There were no lights and only limited natural light through the windows.  The images here are deceiving in their brightness.  Each exposure was over a minute long enabling me the desired effect of a ghost in the hallways and rooms.  The years of paint was literally dripping and slumping off the walls, and floor was covered in an inch of paint chips from the ceiling.  Extremely beautiful in its decay.  Most of the work is in black and white, taken with my tool of choice, an antique 4 x 5 Speed Graphic press camera.  The color film I took has less of a 'timeless' feel to it, and I will post it for you at a later date.

Anastasia Cazabon

Great work from and good press about a former student of mine.
Her name is Anastasia Cazabon and you should really have a look.
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The man turned his head.  His face should have been a white blur when he did that.  It wasn't.  It remained dark.  There was a mask over it.

New Work 2009