Ladder Series, The Sonambulist

Thieves shudder, and the insane have a hunger for snow.
In which good planners dream of being buried by black stones.
And men with stiff faces like me fall on their knees in the dungeons of sleep.
-Robert Bly

(part of an ongoing series focussed on dream imagery)


Monument Series continues: George Washington, Boston

My monument series continues with the ubiquitous statue of George Washington 
in Boston's Public Garden.
(still slowly using up my stash of Polaroid T-55)


Boston Monument Series

I was recently given a full box of Polaroid T-55 in exchange for an 11x14 silver print of an image I made with the gifted film. I took this an an opportunity to explore a series I have been meaning to get to for some time now. This image is from my first outing this past week.  

Thank you to Erik Simkins, 
who contacted me out of the blue to give me his last box of Polaroid T-55.  
I am so appreciative because this particular film is no longer made, and even though The Impossible Project has brough back certain Polaroid films, as far as I know the large format and positive/negative films will not be brought back. You can also follow him on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/simkinsphoto


Thinking about getting back into moving pictures

 This is a strip of film cut from a 16mm short I shot of my friend RJ tearing through the woods in a suit and tie.  There is an energy to it that I find very seductive, and the act of cutting and splicing has a such a simplicity to it in the face of all this digital technology (blogging included). I am interested in shooting "moving portraits", and fictional vignettes and not necessarily running them through a projector.


House M.D. buys a silver print of Ladder 33

Interesting sale of one of my photographs.
The art department of the TV show "House M.D." on Fox TV has purchased a framed silver print of Ladder 33 for permanent installation in Dr. House's loft apartment.

Below are some photographs shot by one of the production assistants on the set.
(the set is in between shoot dates, so it not set up)


Leaf, Hand, Gone

If I determine the weight of each stone in a bed of pebbles and get an average weight of 145 grams, this tells me very little about the real nature of the pebbles. - C.G. Jung


time off from "serious" photography

As a way of gearing up to jump back into a new series of work I have been actually carrying a camera around with me every day. Might be hard to believe that someone who uses a camera to make a living wouldn't have a camera with him or her at all times, but its true.

Here I am putting my toe back in the water.