OK, so I've got the engine running again.  I am finally making new work and getting back into some kind of rhythm again after a months of spinning my wheels.  I have not yet digested what is behind the new work, but I am  sure there are fatherhood/manhood/hero/shadow-self ideas and metaphors bumping around in there somewhere.  Self-portraiture as performance, performance as investigation, all that.



-this is the last image of this series that i will be posting.  The original series was a bit longer, but I feel this is a good end point for now.
I revisited this work from about 10 years ago in an effort to try to 're-experience' what it was like to create the work.  I am in the midst of working on a new body of work and am experimenting with ways of re-starting my creative engine.  As of this week I am shooting again and am mildly excited by the results.  I will keep you posted on the results of this process.  (beware, there are a few other series of work i will be revisiting)
Any techniques or thoughts on recovering from creative block or on jump starting a new body of work would be welcomed.  I could try them myself and/or share them with my fine art black and white class at NESOP.  By for now.   S



(continued from 8)
A bird chirped outdoors in a tree, but that only made the silence thicker.  You could have cut slices of it and buttered them.



(continued from 7) 
(deal with it Ron, I am still working this series out of my system)



(cont.) They are always a little to one side or up or down.  I touched his face.  It was warm and slightly moist.  That would be from his drink.  He hadn't been dead more than twenty minutes.
R. Chandler



His eyes glittered as I got close.  I bent over to stare into them, to try and meet their look.  It couldn't be done.  It never can, with dead eyes. 



I took my upper lip between my teeth and didn't feel myself biting it until I tasted the blood.
R. Chandler



"I wobbled and wiped the cold sweat of nausea off my forehead and felt the back of my head.  It was soft and pulpy, like a bruised peach.  When I touched it I could feel the pain clear down to my ankles.  I could feel every pain I ever felt since the first time I got kicked in the rear in grade school.
-R. Chandler


Number two

This image is one of many I have taken of Matthew Bauer.
The photograph is one of many in a continuing series 
where Mr. Bauer represents my 'shadow self'. Using an 
alter ego to represent my self allows a great amount 
of representation of situations that  are best described 
as a dream world and also allow me to work through a 
darker side of my self I do not desire to or am not willing 
to act out in reality.

Post Number One

So I have finally made the leap into the "blog - o - sphere".  I will start with baby steps here to test the water.  The plan is to post something in progress, or something new every day.  Have a look and follow me down this path if you can.